November 3, 2012

PRISM Message box.

13:40 UTC
JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX/1: : ¤Õ Úcß³.¬äshamThank You!ST2NH _ID=045
JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX/1:: W P’ ‹mshamThank You!ST2NH _ID=046

In this Service, you can write messages onto PRISM’s on-board memory via FM packets uplink.
Also you can command PRISM to downlink the stored messages in FM packets. Thus, PRISM can be used as a kind of message box. Also, you can evaluate FM packets performance of your ground station designed for amateur radio satellites.
The followings are three commands you can use:
  • Information Command : Read latest ID of written messages.
  • Write Command : Store your message into PRISM.
  • Read Command : Read a message of designated ID.

Prism  website.  &  PEØSAT website

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