June 26, 2021


Hello Nader Omer -ST2NH,
This time the SSTV images series is dedicated to radio amateur astronauts and cosmonauts and their activities on board of the Space Shuttle, Mir Space station and International Space Station. The ARISS SSTV Award presents  three special people.
On the left: Musa Manarov U2MIR - Russian cosmonaut who launched amateur radio equipment on board of the Mir space station. He made the first amateur radio communication in October 1988. Consequently, the MAREX (Mir Amateur Radio Experiment) and MIREX (Mir International Amateur radio EXperiment) programs were created.
Center: Sergey Krikalyov U5MIR - Russian cosmonaut, member of the Expedition 1 on the International Space Station. In November 2000 launched an amateur radio station on board of the ISS. This event was the beginning of ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) school contacts. Many cosmonauts and astronauts also conducted unscheduled radio communications, which made a lot of joy for the radio amateurs around the world.

On the right: American Owen Garriott W5LFL who was the first astronaut and amateur radio operator to take with him on the space shuttle Columbia (STS-9 mission in 1983) amateur radio equipment and conducted radio communications with radio amateurs on Earth. Hereby the SAREX program (Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment later called Space Amateur Radio Experiment) was created.

Greetings - Slawek SQ3OOK
ARISS SSTV Award Manager

Photo received from ISS over Sudan  

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