March 24, 2018

Very strong NUDTSat (QB50 CN06 )Telemetry Beacon !!

Very strong NUDTSAT satellite Beacon Telemetry .Mode 9600 BPSK @ 436.270 Mhz
Direct decode or replay IQ file -RX  Mode @ USB .
Soundmodem (BPSK G3RUH 9600) ver0.04b by UZ7HO.(

NUDTSat (National University of Defense Technology Satellite) is a 2U-CubeSat for technolgy development and upper atmosphere science. It is developed and built at the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT).
It is a part of the QB50 constellation to gather science data in the upper layers of the troposphere in the altitude range from 350 km down to 200 km. The QB50 project, which will demonstrate the possibility of launching a network of 50 CubeSats built by Universities Teams all over the world as a primary payload on a low-cost launch vehicle to perform first-class science in the largely unexplored lower thermosphere.
It carries a Science Unit (SU) named INMS (Ion/Neutral Mass Spectrometer) for sampling of low mass ionized and neutral particles in lower thermosphere, such as O, O2, and N2.

March 20, 2018


Icon received from Athenoxat-1 telemetry


March 18, 2018


Working Falconsat-3 with hardware TNC is piece of cake. compared to combination of multi-software to read data and keying the rig .

TX LINE -WISP-> HW VSP-> SOUMDMODEM -> 9600 DATA --> Keying circuit

I succeed to upload a message to FS-3 .
 Also got the "NO -5" errors.when I requesting the Dir.

Other problem during handshake, the transmitter noise desensitization (desense)  the SDR receiving signal . (instead dozens  ferrite choke on every wire and coax ). All equipment has a decent earthing too.

March 8, 2018

The FalconSAT-3 satellite..

 The FalconSAT-3 satellite Packet Bulletin Board System
 Packet Bulletin Board System is active .

The FalconSAT-3 satellite is in a 35.4 degree inclination orbit, with an approximate altitude of 465 to 476 km. The Packet Bulletin Board System is operating at 9600 baud with a 145.840 uplink, and 435.103 downlink. Output power is 1 watt, and the downlink is continuously on. Current Keplerian elements can be found in the AMSAT distributed Keplerian elements. More information can be found at

CAS-4A & CAS-4B satellites beacon

CAS-4A ACTIVE BEACON @145.835 MODE 4k8 FSK AX.25 Callsign BJ1SK
CAS-4B ACTIVE BEACON @145.890 MODE 4k8 FSK AX.25 Callsign BJ1SL

March 1, 2018

Falconsat-3 satellite back to business !!!

Great job AMSAT-NA. 👍Thanks.
Falconsat-3 satellite perfectly back to business .