February 28, 2013

STRaND-1 Beacon New Type with Message

STRaND-1 Telemetry via FCDPP

Short clip shows STRaND-1 Cube satellite packet telemetry at speed of 9k6 baud.
Received with FunCube Dongle Pro +

Jan PE0SAT describes how he used the free TNC emulator software AGWPE and SDR# to decode the telemetry. This approach means you don’t have to buy a dedicated hardware TNC it simply uses your existing PC and radio that supports 9600 bps data:
(1) Record a pass using SDR# and a FUNcube Dongle Pro+ and save the IQ wav file so you can work with it after the pass.
(2) Configure AGW Packet Engine (AGWPE) as a 9600 baud modem using your audio mixer as input. If you don’t have an audio mixer, use audio VAC to route the received audio to the AGW audio input.
(3) When the AGW packet engine is running use AGW-Online-KISS from DK3WN to connect to the packet engine and decode the telemetry.
(4) Open the IQ wav file within SDR# and playback the recorded file and tune to the correct receive frequency, now you can see decoded data within Online-Kiss.
(5) Feed the files captured to KISS-Dump
 For More See Decoding the STRaND-1 amateur radio telemetry beacon@ AMSAT-UK

New STRaND-1 Telemetry software released tonight de Mike DK3WN.

February 26, 2013


STRaND-1 Cube satellite is pumping a large amount of data at high speed 9600 baud
 At this speed I trusted my hardware setup (TNC3S and IC-910 ) over the little SDR dongle.
Time to dust off the old-timer gears    :-)
Yesterday I detected STRaND-1 on its 1st Pass via Fun-cube dongle Pro+  ,Today I've tested the
 RTL-SDR and the result was good too .

February 25, 2013

STRaND-1 heard

15:55 UTC STRaND-1 packet received ( seen ) on waterfall > Many  frames recorded using FCDPP.
  More info later ! I large audio file to revise :)
Congratulation to all

STRaND stands for Surrey Training, Research and Nanosatellite Demonstration and the programme is intended to be a long-term arrangement between the space company SSTL and academic researchers at the Surrey Space Centre (SSC), with STRaND-1 the first of a long line of STRaND nanosatellites.
The SSTL employees and SSC researchers involved with the STRaND programme are all volunteers. It is a condition of the programme that volunteers from SSTL and SSC use their own, free time for STRaND activities (such as lunches and breaks). The project has no budget for staff so is entirely dependent on volunteers.
The innovative STRaND-1 CubeSat was built and tested in just three months. It will demonstrate the feasibility of using cheap smartphone electronics to control a spacecraft. STRaND-1 carries an amateur radio AX.25 packet radio downlink on 437.568 MHz using 9k6 bps FSK modulated data HDLC frame, NRZI encoding.
More@ Amsat UK

February 20, 2013

RTL-SDR spectrum analyzer

Alexandru Csete, OZ9AEC wrote __ Take a Beaglebone, add an LCD cape and a £10 USB TV dongle, install librtlsdr and my rtlizer software and you have an awesome hand-held, real-time spectrum analyzer. For more Info see  OZ9AEC web page.

VUsat via RTL-SDR

Testing RTL-stick with satellites .

For Doppler I used SDRSharp Satellite Tracker plugin.Its works nice via Orbitron .But with repeated software crashes!!.

I've succeeded to decode  VUsat OSCAR-52 telemetry without Doppler shift correction.
The mode was set to USB for easy tracking and decoding.

VUsat signal was very clear and strong. Telemetry was easily copied and decoded via Fldigi through the entirely  pass . SDR# audio was routed via MS Windows Mixer.
Pse see the short clip .

For those who ask about my Antenna setup !!Here is a photo of my homebrew antennas.
For more info please see My Home-brew satellite Equipment post.

Previous RTL-SDR Videos:  
 Receiving FO-29 satellite transponder with RTL-SDR
 Receiving satellite telemetry with RTL- Receiver Stick.

February 19, 2013

USB Device Viewer -USBDeview

USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices that currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used.
Its a nice trouble shooting tool for  RTL- stick and other Dongles.
This software display many information in one window which facilitate tracking the hardware problems .
Its a free software from NirSoft

February 12, 2013


NOAA-19 Satellite via RTL-SDR .
Tracking  NOAA19 ----  Rx RTL- Stick ----  Software SDR# ---- Audio recorded ----  Audio was converted via Audacity to (11025 sampling)---- WXtoIMG----Image enhancement etc
Conclusion = The RTL-SDR is so promising device for more test and experiments.
See the previous two post please .

February 3, 2013

FO-29 Transponder with RTL-SDR.

Receiving FO-29 satellite transponder with RTL-SDR.
SDRsharp is so simple and so lite software to begin with.  
IMHO its receiver sensitivity is so great compare to other software around! At least to my hardware setup and to my recent experience with SDR tech.

The RTL-SDR stick.


February 2, 2013

Receiving satellite telemetry with RTL-Stick

It is a new wave to learn and practice the Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology
with just a cheap RTL stick.

Satellites received :

No dopper coreccting was used.
USB mode used for easy tuning.
No PreAmp used .Signal was strong.

See the movie clip please