November 20, 2012

KN-SAT1 Prototype Subsystems Design and Testing

The KN-SAT1 CubeSat, which will have a VHF downlink, is being developed at the University Of Khartoum.
Mahmoud Esawi has made available a video which shows KN-SAT1 Prototype2 subsystems design and testing.

Prototype 2 has a variety of functions:
• Send it’s location received from the GPS receiver.
• Taking a picture and send it back to earth using AX.25 protocol.
• Receive Tele-commands from earth to be executed, like:
• Restart the subsystems.
• Download a picture.
• Take a shot at specific GPS location.
• Change the Tele command key password.

November 4, 2012

PRISM Message box #2

Posted Sunday, November 4th, 2012 by JA0CAW @ DK3WM Blog  

05:43 UTC
05:46:35 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1202 baud):TheLatestID: 048
05:46:54 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1202 baud):048ST2NH talk.tnx nice bird
05:47:12 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1203 baud):047ST2NH talk.seu agn
05:47:36 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1203 baud):046ST2NH talk. tanks 4 msg friends
05:47:53 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1203 baud):045ST2NH talk.hi de nader
05:48:47 JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX>UI,?,F0 (1202 baud):Thank You!JA0CAW_ID=049

Tnx OM  Tetsurou Satou JA0CAW.

November 3, 2012

PRISM Message box.

13:40 UTC
JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX/1: : ¤Õ Úcß³.¬äshamThank You!ST2NH _ID=045
JQ1YZW>JQ1YCX/1:: W P’ ‹mshamThank You!ST2NH _ID=046

In this Service, you can write messages onto PRISM’s on-board memory via FM packets uplink.
Also you can command PRISM to downlink the stored messages in FM packets. Thus, PRISM can be used as a kind of message box. Also, you can evaluate FM packets performance of your ground station designed for amateur radio satellites.
The followings are three commands you can use:
  • Information Command : Read latest ID of written messages.
  • Write Command : Store your message into PRISM.
  • Read Command : Read a message of designated ID.

Prism  website.  &  PEØSAT website

November 1, 2012


Kibo Elements
The Japanese Experiment Module (JEM), also known as Kibo, consists of six components: two experiment facilities of the Pressurized Module (PM) and the Exposed Facility (EF), a Logistics Module that is attached to each of the PM and EF, a Remote Manipulator System(RMS), and an Inter-Orbit Communication System(ICS).

An  interest reference @   Kibo HANDBOOK