June 16, 2013

100mW - VHF- 2M - TX

Low power compact and light weight VHF 2M TX .
The output power =100mw@.5VDC.
Apart from a couple of  Hertz drifting on start-up.
I was impressed with the frequency stability.
In testing I found it easy to forget that this TX is just  pro-type module !.
Stability led me to connected  my sound-card with UISS beacon on !.
On other side of the bound  (ie cross the workbench) I've copied every single beacon frames.
Did I hit the ISS with this low power ?? GOK.
Next pass,I'll try to hook it to the Yagi :-))


June 10, 2013

NiCd/Ni-MH automatic charger

A nickel–metal hydride battery charger is the new accessory to the workbench.
Most components were recycled from an old PC monitor.
The starving (MFJ Antenna Tuner) will be so happy now :-)) .