January 22, 2013

Lucky or did I miss something

Hi all

As mentions on the manual of the FUNcube Dongle Pro+.
Two concurrently running applications are required to operate the FUNcube Dongle

I did the setup with both programs and everything went nicely .I was succeeded
to receive many satellites beacon and transponder as well as HF and broadcasting

Now I run the dongle without FCHid software and the result is great too. I can
tune to any frequency with SDRsharp only.

Steps I follow
1- typing the frequency that I need at central frequency box.
2-Then click on the frequency box above.
Frequency value at the frequency box and on tuning display will change to the
same value of typed frequency.
(For sure at display it will be the central frequency)

I used the frequency correction (configure window) of SDRsharp With aid of my
Racal 8091 frequency synthesizer my Rigs and many broadcasting frequencies I
found the best (ppm) calibration at 0:0 With this ppm value every signal
received was 100% correct with its transmitting frequency.

It seems to me this Dongle is unique :)
Very easy setup
Insert the dongle to the USB and do the rest via SDRsharp.
I well enjoy it now.

January 18, 2013

An old photos of my Homebrew Satellite Tracking Equipments.

 An eggbeater Antenna - For NOAA weather satellite .

FODtrack Rotator interface with AZ/EL driving relays
Used with a modified CCTV Camera Rotator
as on next photo.

 UHF/VHF cross Yagi  antennas with changeable circular polarization coax phase lines
  and remote control DC switches.
The rotor mod include adding a voltage feedback potentiometers.
The AZ-Pot  connected  mechanically to AZ moving part.
The EL-pot driven by  a  hanging  weight ( NUT)  to the gravity .

 High gain UHF  Yagi with cross elements and switching circular polarization

 The VHF Pre-Amp - Transistor was BF981
On services since 10 years
No TR/RX relay . peaked to 137 MHz for receiving the weather satellite  .

 CI-V interface built on perforated PCB - with external DC power supply

 PC sound card interfacing 
later 1:1 isolation transformers were added

VHF/UHF on single boom

You Can't Resist !!

At a cold winter night you can't resist listening to a DX station with a great signal.
Since I built the DC Rx last month  I've  shut down all other fancy black.boxes.
The Rx still  sitting on the workbench in parts connected with jumpers.
The antenna is just a loosey goosey long wire .
Why should I do this? Because it's fun.