February 28, 2010

Wisp keying Multipsk #2

AccessPort Monitoring Wisp Keying Multipsk
see previous post for more info

Wisp keying Multipsk

Another go for Pacsat with software.

This time Wisp with Multipsk ver 4.16

Wisp Keying Multipsk via virtual connector port .
So far TX line was testing

Create a Connector virtual com using VSPE software
Wisp -->com 1
Multipsk serial port for kiss --> com 1
On Multipsk TX/RX screen choose-->Packet APRS
On Multipsk TX/R screen click kiss icon.
Run a pass!
Click fill.
MSPE will send a packet to Multipsk TX/RX screen
and through the soundcard.

Again I'm waiting for HO-68 for test.

for my previous experiments see

1- MixW ,Wisp and HO-68 (packsat with software).


February 26, 2010

Monitoring virtual com and software with AccessPort

Software with the VSPE connector virtual com.

Window Hyperterminal.
AGW Packet Engine .

February 25, 2010

Indonesia’s Equatorial Orbit Twin Satellites

Wisnu Widjaja YBØAZ brings the latest news on the two new Indonesian Amateur Radio satellites, LAPAN-ORARI and LAPAN-A2 which are planned to launch in 2011

LAPAN-ORARI will carry a 5 watt output FM voice transponder with a 435.880 MHz uplink and 145.880 MHz downlink as well as an APRS Digipeater on 145.825 MHz. It will also carry a green light laser for attitude determination.

It is planned to be launched from India into a 650km orbit with low (8 degree) inclination as a secondary payload with "Megha-Tropique".

LAPAN-A2 will use S band (non amateur frequency) for video surveillance and the amateur frequency 437.425 MHz for telemetry.

Sourse SGRC

National Institute of Aeronautics and Space – LAPAN

February 24, 2010

Monitoring com port between Wisp and MixW

AccessPort is a serial port(RS232) debug and monitor tool from SUDT ,SUDT AccessPort is a freeware.
On AccessPort window you can see and monitoring all the action
of the com port between the software shareing the virtual port (com )
See the next photos.

Steps for AccessPort monitoring :-

Setup connector virtual com in VSPE .eg com2

Setup kiss emulation com at mixw to com 2

setup com2 at Wisp .

Run AccessPort , Chose com2 and click start monitoring.

Now you can see all action of com2 on AccessPort window. This wll help you
monitoring and debug any com conflict.


February 23, 2010

At last !! (HO-68 qso)

Hi Nader ,

At last !!! , finally got a qso with you with my balcony antenna
With you , now I have 48 countries with this setup , last ones are PS8RF , VA3FM and you !! , this antenna is doing a very nice job but also with my little "help" of many hours of patience and looking for a good passes for dx's.

Thanks a lot for your patience with me , many long time to a good pass , a good conditions....I'm in the shower when i'm thing "it's a good pass for ST if Nader comes to the sat ....." and "voila" , are you on the sat with your Cq,Cq.....My antenna are fixed to 40 degrees elevation but I heard you with only 8 degrees and you reply me at 12 degrees !! Well done !!!

So , my qsl is absolutly sure to EA7FTR , many thanks in advance and I hope to see you more times in the future , so again , many thanks for ur patience with me.

Best regards from Barcelona , 73

Juanjo / EA3LX

February 22, 2010

WISP KEYING MIXW via RS232 Port Splitter

One more handy software from Eltima
works very nice between WISP AND MIXW
I hope the receiving test wll be ok too

11:45 UTC

February 21, 2010

2 more messages uploaded to HO-68 BBS

2 more messages uploaded to HO-68 BBS .

Hardware setup for 1.2k baud .
Rig Icom IC-910 ,PC Dell .

Tx at Main band VHF .with out Pl tone.
Rx at sub band UHF with activated AFC .
No cat for Doppler !
IC-910 AFC very helpful to track the downlink signal
The main disadvantage of AFC was the drift by desense from high output power
so my full out put power not more than 20 watts
I need to build a UHF desense filter.

Never Try to work FM satellite in IC-910 sat-mode .
IMHO IC-910 sat mode is perfect only for Xponder satellite.

This hardware only for Rx at sub and Tx at main
it wll not work in sat-mode.

This hardware can be modefied to work at 9k6 buad
by changing the pins at Rx sub band from 1k2
to pin 9k6.

February 19, 2010


Again the software WISP/MIXW/VSPE work in harmony
One message uploaded to HO-68 BBS.File # 12F

My friend Mike DK3WN download the HO-68 DIR on the same pass
see link
Thanks Mike for Dir photo .

My Setup

February 15, 2010

Pacsat with out Hardware TNC

Yesss it's works
I've just worked HO-68 with Software
And YESSS No hardware TNC used !!

WISP AND MIXW did all the Action via virutal VSPE connector and soundcard

For more info check up this link

Thanks for Mr.Allan ZS1LS for information and software messages via HO-68 BBS

subject RE: [amsat-bb] Wisp Keying MixW direct via virtual connector
From :Allan ZS1LS
To :Nader st2nh
It is certainly possible as I used Wisp + MixW in KISS terminal emulation mode
+ Soundcard on HO-68 about 1 week ago. For the VSPE program I used the one you
found by eterlogic.73's
Allan ZS1LS

Thanks to Mr.Mineo Wakita - JE9PEL
For the new page to his wounderful WISP site.


And for Sure a big Thanks to my friends
Pete -WB2OQQ
Mike -Dk3WN
Alan -WA4SCA
for advice help and emails

February 12, 2010

Wisp Keying Mixw Direct via virtual connector.

I was trying to work with a pair of virtual ports to connect Wisp and Mixw!
The com pair failed to connect these software!!!

I found the virtual connector device at Virtual Serial port
Emulator program (VSPE) can do this task nicely .

Wisp send packet to MixW and Mixw send it to soundcard and keying the Rig via existing port.

So the Tx line is working well between Wisp--> MixW--> Soundcard--> Rig
The next step is to test the Rx line between Rig--> Soundcard--> MixW--> Wisp.

So with out Hardware TNC could it works?
May I should waiting for a bird !

February 8, 2010

I've uploaded 32 messages to HO-68 BBS.

I've uploaded a total of 32 messages to HO-68 BBS since launch .
(68) QSOs via xponder.

February 7, 2010

No More Hardware TNC. l'll miss the LEDs blinking .

My software setup is working 100% now.

VSPE 2 pairs of ports.
RADIO KEYING VIA MIXW ON a a separate port.
I'M ready for next HO-68 FM/Dig schedule.

Not all soundcards work with this setup!!!
Mother-board card was the bad chooses
A cheap PCI card works from first click ;)

I'll miss the LEDs blinking .

February 6, 2010

Weak downlink packet signal !!

A fluctuation on downlink packet signal strength noticed at
Ho-68 on Orbit #706 time 19.42 UTC, Max El 47 .
Firing up my Preamp and changing the antennas polarization didn't help!
The average efficiency was 20 % for that good pass!!
For sure there were several factors for this weakness!!
I I've noticed this twice.
see photo

February 5, 2010

February 4, 2010

Ho-68 3 msg uploaded , Directory downloaded,

HO-68 In good shape today!
Directory downloaded after i've uploaded 3 messages.

February 3, 2010

New one via LEO satellite.

Thanks Jean Jacques TK5JJ from Corsica for a NEW ONE via LEO satellite FO-29
Orbit # 66.506 , 17:25 UTC ,Mode SSB ,3 Feb 2010.
Signal Reports 59/59 both way.

Now a total of 45 DXCC in my log via LEO satellite .

February 2, 2010

HO-68 Not Heard

Orbit #653 18:52 - utc
Mode FM/Packet , CW was OK
02 Feb. 2010, FM/Digital Transponder
18:45...Turn On
19:30...Turn Off
Re: HO-68 Not Heard ?
Yes Nader, confirm that. On our 19:05 UTC pass the FM transponder should be
active but nothing heard :-(
73, Mike
Thank you for your quick report, it's very valuable for us to analyze the problem.
Alan, BA1DU
Subject: [amsat-bb] HO-68 Not Heard ?
Hi Andre,
It was software crash, not a tempreture problem.
Alan Kung, BA1DU
Subject: [amsat-bb] HO-68 Not Heard ?
> Hi,
> I noticed the beacon info showed for 5 cycles before switch on ( 18h45 UTC)
> that temp
> was 21C . FM and DIGITAL was active normal for 13 mins 23 sec after switch
> on. There after
> beacon still on and reported xponder on but silent and temp was now 25 and
> 26C ?
> Wonder if this was a "tempreture" output shutdown ?
> 73
> andre zs2bk

Something wrong with HO-68 BBS!!

For sure there is something wrong with HO-68 BBS!!

last nighth 1st feb at 19:30 utc Orbit #640. I've posted 2 messages
and again the directory was EMPTY!!!!!

I've notced this since last week!
But I got no answer !!