January 30, 2014

A Year of Weather 2013


The visualisation, comprised of imagery from the geostationary satellites of EUMETSAT, NOAA and the JMA, shows an entire year of weather across the globe during 2013, with commentary from Mark Higgins, Training Officer at EUMETSAT. The satellite data layer is superimposed over NASA's 'Blue Marble Next Generation' ground maps, which change with the seasons

January 25, 2014


The “ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project” utilizes a satellite orbiting the earth as a “medium that connects everyday life to the universe”. In the course of the project, a variety of interactive works of media art and other artworks will be created.

The project is carried out in a collaborative effort around a core team of over 70 members from Tama Art University and The University of Tokyo. The latter’s team developed a specialized “art satellite” for artistic purposes, while the team from Tama Art University is in charge of producing works based on data from the satellite, operating a ground station, and distributing data.

“ARTSAT1: INVADER(*)”, the world’s first art satellite, has been selected for a piggyback payload on the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s (JAXA) H-IIA rocket. The ultrasmall 1U CubeSat, measuring only 10 x 10cm and weighing 1.5kg, is scheduled to be launched in February 2014, after which it will be traveling on a circular, polar sun-asynchronous orbit at an altitude of 407km, and with an inclination of 65 degrees.
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