October 18, 2011

SRM CW Dedoder Help de Mineo Wakita Blog

KN-Sat1 を開発中の、インド Khartoum大学 (University of Khartoum) により、
「SRMSAT CW Decoder」 が公開されました。ダウンロード方法、および解析結果を
次に英文で紹介します(文責 JE9PEL/1)。 なお、解析結果は txtファイルとして

1. Install 'winrar401j.exe'(for Japanese) or 'wrar401.exe'(for English).
2. Confirm 'MSVCR71.DLL' in your C:\windows\sistem32.
3. Download 'SRM CW Decoder.rar' from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7PWS7GEA
4. Wait 44 seconds, then 'Regular download' button are appeared and click!
5. Install 'SRM CW Decoder.rar'.
6. Click on Beacon menu in 'SRMVU_Decoder.exe'.
7. Import a text file that contains SRMVU telemetry data like a next example.
9. Click an item button to display a graph.
10. Click 'Save As' button, then a text file is generated as follows.

No. SatName Satellite Mode Magnetometer Status GPS Status Payload Status Temperature Status Battery Status
0 SRMVU Normal Mode Ready Ready OFF 10 to 20 Less than 7
1 SRMVU Sensing Mode OFF Error OFF 30 to 40 >8.1V
2 SRMVU Communication Mode Error Error Error < 0 Less than 7
3 SRMVU Sensing Mode ON ON ON 20 to 30


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