November 17, 2013

FUNcube-1 Dashboard ready for action !!!

FUNcube Dashboard was tested with audio files and Funcube dongle pro+
it was so easy and very interesting comp nation of  SDR+DECODER in single package!!
The software setup was described very well at the manual .
Yes you need to read all the 32 pages please.
Now its ready and waiting for action .
FUNcube Dashboard is a great software .the  programming  effort was so obvious.
 it need  more fine touches  eg push button to capture the audio.or stop and play et

One repeated problem was noticed . ie the software crushed every time the help icon clicked!! .
I;ve used the new version .

Another nice software was tested ,the KySat-2 decoder from Space Systems Lab,
 University of Kentucky, ie decode packets from KySat-2 .
 KySat-2 need a hardware TNC - tested here with Kantronics 9612 plus.
I thing it may works too via some other sofware-tnc and virtual audio/data loops.

2 nice images from ICube-1 and UNISAT-1 during integration on the payload bay of the Dnepr Launch Vehicle.


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