November 7, 2013

UNISAT-5 and its payloads

UNISAT-5 and its payloads The upcoming launch of UNISAT-5 satellite, boarded on the Dnepr rocket and scheduled on November 21 from Yasny cosmodrome in Russia, will mark an historical event in the world of CubeSats and nanosatellites.
GAUSS srl will release into orbit:
 four CubeSats:
  • PUCP-Sat-1 (Perù)
  • ICUBE-1 (Pakistan)
  • HUMSAT-D (Spain)
  • Dove-4 (USA)
and four PocketQubes:
  • Eagle1 (USA)
  • Eagle2 (USA)
  • WREN (Germany)
  • QBScout (USA)
from the UNISAT-5 satellite, launched by the Dnepr rocket.

The following facts reveal the significance of this event:

  • First launch of Cubesats and PocketQubes from another nanosatellite
  • First launch of PocketQubes ever
  • First Peruvian satellites, PUCP-Sat-1 and PocketPUCP-Sat (that will be released from PUCP-Sat-1)
  • First test of Pulsed Plasma Thruster on a picosatellite (WREN by
In the last week, the Cubesats and Pocketqubes were integrated on board the UNISAT-5, inside the PEPPOD (the GAUSS’ PPOD) and MRFOD (designed by Morehead State University, KY, USA, in collaboration with GAUSS Srl) deployers.

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