March 24, 2018

Very strong NUDTSat (QB50 CN06 )Telemetry Beacon !!

Very strong NUDTSAT satellite Beacon Telemetry .Mode 9600 BPSK @ 436.270 Mhz
Direct decode or replay IQ file -RX  Mode @ USB .
Soundmodem (BPSK G3RUH 9600) ver0.04b by UZ7HO.(

NUDTSat (National University of Defense Technology Satellite) is a 2U-CubeSat for technolgy development and upper atmosphere science. It is developed and built at the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT).
It is a part of the QB50 constellation to gather science data in the upper layers of the troposphere in the altitude range from 350 km down to 200 km. The QB50 project, which will demonstrate the possibility of launching a network of 50 CubeSats built by Universities Teams all over the world as a primary payload on a low-cost launch vehicle to perform first-class science in the largely unexplored lower thermosphere.
It carries a Science Unit (SU) named INMS (Ion/Neutral Mass Spectrometer) for sampling of low mass ionized and neutral particles in lower thermosphere, such as O, O2, and N2.

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