February 26, 2012

ISS UHF BBS help file. (commands)

Both the VHF and UHF personal Message System
on board the International Space Station are on this-days
Here is the command file for UHF BBS .
For VHF BBS command file follow the Link.

cmd:c rs0iss-1
cmd:*** CONNECTED to RS0ISS-1
Logged on to RS0ISS's Personal Message System
on board the International Space Station
B(ye) B [CR] disconnects you from PMS.
H(elp) H [CR] or ? [CR] displays this help file.
J(log) J [CR] displays a list of callsigns heard (optional date/time)
K(ill) K n [CR] deletes message number n (only to/from your callsign).
KM(ine) KM[CR] deletes all READ messages addressed to your call sign.
L(ist) L [CR] lists the 10 latest messages.
M(ine) M [CR] lists the 10 latest messages to/from your callsign.
R(ead) R n [CR] reads message number n.
S(end) S (callsign) [CR] begins a message addressed to (callsign).
SB Sends Bulletin
SP Sends Personal
ST Sends Traffic
Subject: ending with [CR].
Text: End each line with [CR]. End message by
typing /ex [CR] or CTRL-Z [CR]
at the beginning of a new line.
SR(eply) SR n[CR] Sends a reply to message n prompting only for text.
V(ersion) V [CR] displays the software version of the PMS system.

- Logged off

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