October 11, 2012

How to decode WE_WISH SSTV

How to decode WE_WISH SSTV ― 

WE_WISH 赤外線画像を解析する方法について、外国局から質問メールが来ました。
この SSTV信号は世界中で受信されています。しかし 管制局HPには、English の
ページはあるものの 未だ Coming Soon の状態で、デコーダーも PDFファイルも

JE9PEL, I explain a method of the decoding WE_WISH SSTV photo received ST2NH.
Because there is only a Japanese software and PDF file, I do not know whether
you can analyze it by a method to explain here properly in English.

 1. You will get a clean red and a yellow photo of the infrared signal using
    MMSSTV. Save this image as the BMP file. And you will notice some curved
    lines at the center of the image. I do not know what it is.

 2. Install Decoder and PDF file from Japanese homepage of WE_WISH GS.
    I put the same program in English 'wishsstv.exe' in my homepage.

 3. Open two CFG file 'AMB20-OBJ20_Cal.dat' and 'AMB20-OBJ40_Cal.dat' etc.
    Input temperature value in two columns of this decoder.
    See the next image for example.

 4. The CSV file is generated in the folder automatically.
    It is 'st2nhstv_OUT.csv' for example.

 5. Decode this CSV file using a tool Graph-R 2.30 'GraphR.exe'.

 6. You will decode them as follows.
Thanks  Mineo JE9PEL 
Sourse JE9PEL Blog 

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