December 24, 2012

20M DC Rx initial test

Direct Converter receiver  Initial test .

 No shielding or band spread yet ,but the stability and sensitivity was so good for this prototype Rx.



wrhlamda said...

good results Mr nader and I'm waiting for more of your experiments
and that MC1496 looks very interesting IC. I read the data sheet and it just Contains 8 Active Transistors and make great job .I will read more about it.
thanks for the new idea.

W7DTG said...

That is amazing what you can do with so little. Will be interested to follow this project along as you add a bandspread to your design.

ST2NH said...

Hello Musayab and Theron (Don)
Thanks for your visit and nice comments.

During last 3 hours I've enjoyed listening to a European rag-chewing stations with out re-tune :)

I'll post all my future work.

Best wishes & Season greeting


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