January 18, 2013

An old photos of my Homebrew Satellite Tracking Equipments.

 An eggbeater Antenna - For NOAA weather satellite .

FODtrack Rotator interface with AZ/EL driving relays
Used with a modified CCTV Camera Rotator
as on next photo.

 UHF/VHF cross Yagi  antennas with changeable circular polarization coax phase lines
  and remote control DC switches.
The rotor mod include adding a voltage feedback potentiometers.
The AZ-Pot  connected  mechanically to AZ moving part.
The EL-pot driven by  a  hanging  weight ( NUT)  to the gravity .

 High gain UHF  Yagi with cross elements and switching circular polarization

 The VHF Pre-Amp - Transistor was BF981
On services since 10 years
No TR/RX relay . peaked to 137 MHz for receiving the weather satellite  .

 CI-V interface built on perforated PCB - with external DC power supply

 PC sound card interfacing 
later 1:1 isolation transformers were added

VHF/UHF on single boom



Solar storm activity take the satellite out? We've had a lot of them recently. Always wonder if they have an effect on the short term weather, or if the effect is more of a long term thing. Huge amounts of energy released from these things.
diseqc switch

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wow this is such a great blog..its very useful and informative..love the blog that you have shared..

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Youre so awesome, man! I cant believe I missed this blog for so long.

dani grg said...

hello..please send me details of VHF pre amp

ST2NH said...

HELLO Dani Thanks for visit & comment ,for the VHF circuit please check OZ2OE Technical Home Page & Gordon McDonald, VK2ZAB website