January 22, 2013

Lucky or did I miss something

Hi all

As mentions on the manual of the FUNcube Dongle Pro+.
Two concurrently running applications are required to operate the FUNcube Dongle

I did the setup with both programs and everything went nicely .I was succeeded
to receive many satellites beacon and transponder as well as HF and broadcasting

Now I run the dongle without FCHid software and the result is great too. I can
tune to any frequency with SDRsharp only.

Steps I follow
1- typing the frequency that I need at central frequency box.
2-Then click on the frequency box above.
Frequency value at the frequency box and on tuning display will change to the
same value of typed frequency.
(For sure at display it will be the central frequency)

I used the frequency correction (configure window) of SDRsharp With aid of my
Racal 8091 frequency synthesizer my Rigs and many broadcasting frequencies I
found the best (ppm) calibration at 0:0 With this ppm value every signal
received was 100% correct with its transmitting frequency.

It seems to me this Dongle is unique :)
Very easy setup
Insert the dongle to the USB and do the rest via SDRsharp.
I well enjoy it now.

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