February 28, 2013

STRaND-1 Telemetry via FCDPP

Short clip shows STRaND-1 Cube satellite packet telemetry at speed of 9k6 baud.
Received with FunCube Dongle Pro +

Jan PE0SAT describes how he used the free TNC emulator software AGWPE and SDR# to decode the telemetry. This approach means you don’t have to buy a dedicated hardware TNC it simply uses your existing PC and radio that supports 9600 bps data:
(1) Record a pass using SDR# and a FUNcube Dongle Pro+ and save the IQ wav file so you can work with it after the pass.
(2) Configure AGW Packet Engine (AGWPE) as a 9600 baud modem using your audio mixer as input. If you don’t have an audio mixer, use audio VAC to route the received audio to the AGW audio input.
(3) When the AGW packet engine is running use AGW-Online-KISS from DK3WN to connect to the packet engine and decode the telemetry.
(4) Open the IQ wav file within SDR# and playback the recorded file and tune to the correct receive frequency, now you can see decoded data within Online-Kiss.
(5) Feed the files captured to KISS-Dump
 For More See Decoding the STRaND-1 amateur radio telemetry beacon@ AMSAT-UK

New STRaND-1 Telemetry software released tonight de Mike DK3WN.

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