April 14, 2013

PRISM software for message box

Translated from Japanese

Use the message box is open on Saturday and Sunday every week at PRISM, which is one of the CubeSat of the University of Tokyo. I think you can use the message box is still CUTE-1.7 + APDII Tokyo Institute of Technology, for 1200MHz, here is whether it is not many people there is no uplink facility. Since there is no facility of 1200MHz I also, I have not used unfortunately. I think the band uplink PRISM 145MHz, down link band is a 435MHz, and there are many people who have equipment. Had been where I was confirmed today, the number of messages is 83.
However, since the message is sent is divided into four and that has a header unique to the packet sent from the satellites, the message box of PRISM is a situation difficult to read when reading the message. Has been proposed to create a message that office JE9PEL / 1 were separated according to the packet on the blog, I was wondering quite difficult.
So I tried using a prototype software such as that used in conjunction with UISS AGWPE. Message has been displayed works by excluding the header.

Organize the information in the message box of PRISM from three days this month, the first time I've used C #. Reading of the message that was included with the connection and disconnection of AGWPE, read the specified number of the last message, the message number, write TALK message, save the received data, the function of five or more.
I tried four times path Kinokyo afternoon. Upon receipt, I was in a format readable message me if AGWPE decoded. Transmission was not successful.Was confirmed by another transceiver and other modulated sound by connecting a dummy load later, the output of the PC or are insufficient, modulation is shallow, for transmission, the TNC-22 that is connected to the transceiver was used to receive I could not be decoded.

Screen image of the software that you have created is as follows. I have a "UPRISM" the name of the program to mimic the UISS. In addition, since the current version up, If you are interested, please download and try. Installation is not required, I just run the exe file that you downloaded. In addition, it is necessary to have installed Microsoft. NET Framework3.5SP1 is executed.Maybe. It might also need NET4. 4 because it is already installed on my computer, whether I 3.5 I just can not be confirmed. Development of the program you are using Visual Studio 2010 C #. In addition, the program has been up checks for viruses in virus security 12.2.0189 (vaccine version 9.89.2325).

Download "UPRISM.exe" 
A brief description of how to use: After you launch (which was necessary to the setting) AGWPE, launched UPRISM. Is connected to the AGWPE Click the "Connect" button on the UPRISM. I cut the AGWPE in "Disconnect". "Get the Latest ID" sends the command "n" number of the acquisition of the final message. "Send" TALK "Message" is sent as TALK your message (up to 39 bytes) messages that you enter the call sign of its own to the right, you enter below. "Read Message" to send a command to retrieve a message ID that you specified in the right-hand side. "Log Save" to save the log file at the time you click, the file name and the ". Log, minutes, seconds Date _ Month Save" in the directory where the UPRISM incoming messages that are displayed in the box on it . I think I hear the sound from the speakers of the computer that the packet when you click the button, such as sending a message. Transmission switching is achieved by the function of the AGWPE.
Before sending it UPRISM (add 6 April), please enter the call sign of their part of the MyCall always. Packets to the callsign of the sender, "URCALL" If you forget this would have been sent. Becomes "URCALL" who write to the message box. If possible I'd like it to display a message box in which you enter when you start, so far, there is no knowledge of me up there.

Source JI1IZR. webpage

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