April 30, 2013

TurkSat3U status

Beacon Status:
Nothing copied since last Friday 26 April.!!

A weak continuous signal (carrier?) with slight Doppler was noticed during the last pass 19:28 19:40 UTC This signal came around the TCA and disappeared around the LOS. Not exactly at the down-link frequency but around  +/- 437.200 MHz.
Yes many sky junks around ! , which can be the cause of such a QRM, It may be interesting to monitor this frequency as long as the signal disappeared with the TurkSat3U's LOS.

Another event occurred last Friday, April 26, 2013, 10:39 AM, while I was monitoring Turksat3U I've noticed two CW signals overlap each other!!, The 1st signal was a clear TurkSat3U Beacon; the other signal was an ambiguous CW signal !.You can see the audio analysis at the previous post ..
Mike(DK3WN)  identified the source of the other signal as a failed CW beacon of RS-40.
(Thanks Mike for help)

Transponder status:
Loop test performed several time ,but nothing heard or seen on the waterfall.

At my previous post Mr.Ahmet Sofyalı from  Space Systems Design and Testing Laboratuary of ITU. Had posted a comment stated:
Since Friday (April 26th), TURKSAT 3USAT could not be heard again.
Thanks Mr.Sofyalı for visiting and comment .
Unfortunately this record from Friday, April 26, 2013, 10:39:51 AM
Still we are QRV with great hope.

Most updated info for Turksat 3U available at Facebook !?
Tamsat Amsat-Tr   and   Turksat3usat Fan Club



Thank you for your kind and detailed answer Dr. Nader,

We wish to be sure that the pass you mentioned to be between 19:28 (UTC) and 19:40 (UTC) belongs to April 29th.

Greetings from Prof. Rustem Aslan and other colleagues,


Ahmet Sofyalı

ST2NH said...

Hello Ahmet

It was Monday, April 29, 2013.
SE-NW Pass .
Orbit # 54 .
Max El 28*.
Loc kk65gp.

Regards to all team members .
Nader Omer