May 28, 2013

Another analysis to TURKSAT3U beacon.

Another analysis to Turksat3u, from the first day recorded beacon.
In my previous posts I pointed to the overlapping of Turksat's beacon with other signal !
and the source possibility of this signal considered as a failed RS-40 satellite beacon !!!.
Today while I was cleaning the hard disc from  large I/Q files,
I replay the TurkSat3U's  I/Q file which was recorded on April 26, 2013

Another frequency spectrum analysis shows these features: !

1- The second signal started and stopped with Turksat3u beacon at the same time .
2- A mirror image to some letters, with similarity in the duration and its numbers.
    see photo for letters A and N.
3- The other signal was stronger than the Turksat's beacon signal.
4- Both signals had the same amount of fading, this was so obvious before the end of transmission.
    and this was clear too at the audio spectrum shot below !
     More features to be followed, after more analysis.

For sure the above hypothesis accepted other explanation !
But I'm personally convenes to a certain degree that  the 2nd signal source was the Turksat3u itself !!

There are certainly more questions than answers about what happened to Turksat3u!!?
And what was the cause of the abrupt silence ?

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Esawi said...

Good catch dr.nader. I wonder what possibly could cause this behavior.