May 3, 2013

Signal at 437.200Mhz

 20.38  20:51 UTC 2nd  May
For the 2nd time a signal notice during TurkSat3 pass at 437.200Mhz
The signal was disappeared  with satellite LOS!!!.
It looks like some kind of digital Mod!!!.
I'll monitoring this frequency .  


Ertan Umit said...

Dear Nader,
Do you have a recording of the signal and/or could you provide us timing infromation of the signal (duration, frequency etc.)


ST2NH said...

Hello Ertan
Nice to hear you after long time.
Yes I've got an audio record !
Since yesterday I've sent a copy to


I've sent also the audio file of Turksat3u CW beacon of April 26 - 2013 ! I
No one replied back ! ???

Both files forwaded to the same email again .
if you have another email please send to

Best wishes and Good luck