May 14, 2013

Soundmodem.ini !!

Mineo Wakita /JE9PEL,  mentioned a new experiment at his Blog with SoundModem software.

Changing the RX SampleRate at the (soundmodem.ini) file from from 11025 / 22050 / 44100  increase the SoundModem decoding rate(sensitivity .)!!!
The SoundModem program shows up a warning message ,if you try to setup to 44100 limit via
devices--> settings -->  setting sound-card window .
But its possible to change the RXSampleRate via the soundmodem.ini file ?!!!

I re did this experiment and yes there is something different!!
I've used the recorded CubeBUG-1 audio file too.
I will give a try with birds , ASAP.

Mineo wrote  .
( Translated from Japanese -
Generally, you can change the Soundmodem → Settings → Devices → RX Sample-rate value
Consider the but, for example, when a user tries to enter 22050, to destination (warning) is out Warning
You can not proceed. Directly to the editor SoundModem.ini advocated by JA0CAW Bureau
I did not notice until now that in the rewrite, to the RXsampleRate = 44100.
It is good idea. CalPoly (California Polytechnic State University)
But file CubeBUG-1_CalPoly_30042013_1900-2.wav it receives from CubeBug-1
Using, in the same way as JA0CAW station, I tried to reproduce the experimental catch-up in the local station.
As follows, the difference in decoding rate by SampleRate value is obvious. No matter signal
And if you can even receive any clearly weak, It is can be decoded as this.).

At other experiment post ,with Aenesa satellite decoding Mineo said;
(timestamp was decoding even after satellite LOS.
I wonder if was easy to decode so. RXsampleRate = 44100 will be that paid off.)

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