December 5, 2013

$50SAT Received

I copied a wonderful signal from Eagle-2 – very clear and very strong .
The primary purpose of $50SAT (Eagle2) was to create a cost effective platform for
engineering and science students to use for developing real world skills

Full info for  $50SAT – Eagle2 - Communications  in the $50SAT Dropbox 

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Michael Kirkhart (KD8QBA) said...


I was able to take the audio from your video clip and decode the RTTY telemetry using fldigi:


$50SAT,,,233,,,73,3,,22,4,87,,183,71,3784,*49 (checksum good)
Status flags = 0
SEU count = 0
Number of Resets = 233
EEPROMFails = 0
Frequency changes = 0
RFM22 temperature = 73 (73 - 64 = 9 degrees C)
Idle current = 3 (mA)
RSSI of last received command packet = 0
Receive current = 22 (mA)
PCB temperature = 4 (4 degrees C)
Transmit current = 87 (mA)
Solar current = 0 (mA)
Solar voltage = 183 (mV)
Number of LUP events = 71
Battery voltage = 3784 (mV)

Captured at 00:05 00:14 UTC on 2013-12-04??

Even though the satellite temperature is high enough to enable the MPP trackers (greater than or equal to 0 degrees C), there was no solar power available. Based on the time of the blog post (on DK3WN's SatBlog) of 00:05 00:14 UTC and the location (grid KK65gp), the satellite was eclipsed. The battery voltage is still very good at 3.784 V, indicating at some point it is able to generate power from the solar panels and charge the battery. Thanks for posting the audio capture. If you could, it would be really cool if you could do another capture during a daytime pass - from our location (Stuart, Howie, and I), the satellite is too cold to enable solar power, and we have yet to determine our solar power generating capability in space.


Michael Kirkhart
$50SAT/Eagle-2 team member