December 2, 2013

GomX-1 Modulation !!!

GomX-1 transmitting a strong signal every 10s

GomX-1 does not use the standard AX.25 or AFSK format used for packet communication
GomX-1 uses 4800 baud MSK modulation at the two tones 2400 and 4800. This mode is not supported by most major TNC providers. So the recommended receiving option is to record the audio from the entire pass, using the line-in port on a PC with correctly adjusted amplitude. These recordings can then be software demodulated by gomspace.

A softare modem, based on GNURadio will be released soon. If you are interested in helping developing and testing a software modem for MSK, please say so.
For more see GomSpace GOMX-1 webpage
What is GMSK Modulation Radio-Electronics-Webpage

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