December 16, 2013

KySat-2 decoder via virtual ports

Great 2 virtual ports e.g. COM2 and COM6 using -VSPE or other Virtual com generator software.

Open agw_onlinekiss.ini file

At agw_onlinekiss.ini setup the Mirror port to one of the
 virtual port com eg COM6.
save and exit the ini file.

Open SoundModum V0.10b G3RUH

Open AGW onlinekiss program.
Clik on connect AGW button.
Connection will established between Soundmodeum
and AGW onlinekiss

Click Option select  mirror incoming data to com port.
If the two LED shine GREEN at AGW = Connection was established
and no error for data to flow in and out.
Otherwise if one or the two LED are RED check the COMS and the other parameters .

KySat-2 Decoder
Add COM2 to custom port at the new KySat-2 decoder.
Version 2.1 (Latest).
write it down on the small text window
click refresh button.
the added com will appeared at the drop-down coms list.
select it and select the other com parameters eg = 9600,N,8,1.
Click connect

Re- play the IQ file and re-tune to middle of the 9k6 Buad signal.
Mode NFM.
Squelch off.
Audio via Windows XP Mixer.

Data will shows up on:
SoundModem --- AGW ONLINE --- KySat-2 Decoder
with readable engineering values.

EPS Telemetry engineering values.

KySat-2 Beacon Information :
Frequency: 437.405 MHz
Modulation Scheme: FSK
Data Rates: 9600 Baud
Protocol: AX.25
Output Transmit Power: ~1W
Beacon Period: 15-45 seconds
Callsign: KK4AJJ
Kysat-2 website
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