March 20, 2010

6 messages uploaded & more Wisp info

I succeeded to uploaded 6 messages today (20-03-2010)
to Hope-1 BBS.

My plan was to upload 13 messages!!
Yes I did the math and many tests for this acording to satellite pass.

Unfortunately the FM ruin my all week plan!! (For sure an unintended QRM ).

Anyhow the following photos show more info
about Wisp and the amount of data it can handling
according to pass time etc.

Tnx dk3wn for download hope-1 Dir

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Nader
Very good job on the HO-68 satellite.
It's a shame that radio amateurs are not more disciplined about using the transponder.
I hope to contact you soon
good traffic 73
Claude F5GVA/JN18IT