March 2, 2010

Pacsat HO-68 via Software, Wisp+Multipsk .

I succeded to work Ho-68 BBS via Software without
hardware TNC.This time I used Wisp with Multipsk
Both software connected via virtual port

Wisp read very well from Multipsk.
Multipsk keying the Rig with Wisp Rquesting.
Upload window pop twice but no msg uploaded ? QRM.!!

A buffer-like hold the Wisp reading packet from Multipsk
1st time. Shut MSPE and restart a new GSC solve this!!!

For more info and setup see the previous post.
Wisp+Multipsk #1
Wisp+Multipsk #2
Wisp+Multipsk #3

For my previous Wisp MixW experiments see.
Pacsat without Hardware TNC
Wisp keying MixW

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