March 16, 2010

Where my pul file # 161 gone? And where my uploaded file # 160

At HO-68 Orbit #1205 Wisp started to upload a file number 161
The file 161 partial uploaded .on the next pass orbit # 1206 wisp try to upload what left from the file but the sever on satellite denied existance of file # 161 !!
and shift to upload the next file #162 (see 2nd photo)

Again the Directory was empty ??? I uploaded 2 or 3 messages yesterday and 1 messages
today file # 160 . As you can see in the photo #2 .The satellite
was accepted the file.

I requested the directory as my friend Mike DK3WN did !but it was empty! see this on the 3rd photo . where the Multipsk on other PC monitoring the Hope-1 satellite downlink by soundcard.

This question I 've asked several time !
is there something wrong on HO-68 BBS??

Again some stations FMing and QRMing the Digi Week !!!




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