March 4, 2013


KISS2ASC - Raw KISS/AX.25 to ASCII File Converter
Updated: 8 March 2002
Copyright 1990 Paul Williamson, KB5MU

 Screen shot of STRaND-1 kissfile converted by KISS2ASC

The term "KISS" refers to a TNC operating mode that was designed as a
stopgap to permit a host computer to control every aspect of the
packet protocol.  It is an acronym for "Keep It Simple, Stupid".
This philosophy refers to the ease of implementation of the firmware
for the TNC to operate in KISS mode.  Unfortunately, the host
computer code cannot be kept simple when KISS mode is used.  The host
computer handles every detail of the protocol, in addition to its
usual job of handling the data.

The KISS TNC just sends every valid packet it receives to the
computer, and transmits every packet provided by the computer.  The
TNC knows nothing of the protocol or packet formats.  The only format
that is specific to KISS is the KISS packet framing.  This framing is
based on the informal Internet protocol known as SLIP, the Serial
Line Interface Protocol.  This framing format is described in a paper
by Mike Chepponis, K3MC, and Phil Karn, KA9Q, entitled "The KISS TNC:
A simple Host-to-TNC communications protocol", which was published in
the Proceedings of the 6th ARRL Amateur Radio Computer Networking
Conference.  The Proceedings of the Networking Conferences are
available from the ARRL.

Source Read me file of  KISS2ASC file converter program

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