March 5, 2013

RTL-SDR at a full duplex test !!!!

With gush of adrenaline I decided to test  FO-29 transponder !!

The setup:
RTL- stick  connected to UHF down-link  antenna
Icom 910  connected to VHF up-link antenna .
The  output power was adjusted  to minimal value.

This first time to fire-up  a rig  beside the delicate dongle !!
My nose was more alert than my ears  to detect burning smell.
With shaking feet I pushed the foot-switch by my little toe .
Nothing was burned  or cracked except my eardrum.

An audio delay was noticed at the down-link ,it was so annoying and irritating .
It’s  not echo-loop but marked delay .
With a handheld transceiver  I've noticed the same delay .

This is a processing delay cause by the CPU processing time.
The processing delay  was so remarked with the transponder down-link signal.

I will never use the Dongle anymore with voice sat .
The processing delay  ruin the pleasure of the sat  voice contact.

A short clip

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