March 2, 2013

The 3 Kisses 4 STRaND-1

The 3 Kisses Programs to received STRaND-1 satellite.

1- agw_online_kiss.exe – hear the data (Audio ) from the AGW packet engine.
2- onlinekissplus.exe – hear TNC data (Audio) via com port.
3- kissdump.exe is a simple tool to decode and display a KISS Files.

The AGW packet engine program hear the radio audio via the sound card – it is a software TNC.

Do you want to be more confuse ?!! Read on .

Record & replay
1- Start SDR#.
2- Start record at AOS or when signal is good
3- No need to tune! Take a coffee break.
4- Stop Record @ LOS.
5- Audio Saved at SDR# directory
6- Start AGW packet engine
7- Start agw_online_kiss.exe
8- Use windows Mixer ,works fine with windows XP
9- Re-play the saved I/Q via SDR software
10- Fine tune the signal on waterfall
11- Click decode kiss Frame frames displayed on agw_online_kiss window
12- Or shut agw_online_kiss after complete the replay.
13- A kiss file will be created at agw_online_kiss directory
14- Start kissdump.exe
15- Open kissfile from agw_online_kiss!!

SDR direct Receive
2- Start AGW packet engine.
3- Start agw_online_kiss.exe.
4-Use windows Mixer.
5- Fine tune.
6- Click decode kiss Frame.
7-Track and receive the packet frames.

Radio direct receive
1-Hardware Rig
2- Fine-tune via Doppler software.
3-Hardware TNC.
4- Kiss Mode via terminal program.
5-Shut the terminal program only –do not shut your TNC now.
6-Start onlinekissplus.exe.
7- Select TNC Port etc.
8-Track and receive packet frame.

Thanks Mike DK3WN for software For more see - Mike's software page.

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