March 15, 2013


15:48  16:04 UTC
Orbit # 258
371 frames received


Dave G7gqw said...

Hi Nader, Good decoding ,I'm not seeing any OBC beacon decodes just Modem/Switch and beacon text when it was on.I'm using Mixw3/FCD+ and Onlinekiss+.I also tried with FT736/Symek 3S modem with poor results.Can you give me any advice to improve my rx.
Kind regards
Amsat uk member

ST2NH said...

Dear Dave
Thanks visit and comment.
IMHO soundcard performance is so poor at 9600 bps! comparing to decent transceiver with a TNC .Your S3/FT736 is a great setup . My advice is take care of the Doppler -
MY setup
Yagi- PreAmp - ICOM 910- KPC9612
HRD for Doppler - CI-V

Dave G7gqw said...

Hi Nader, thanks very much for your advice,I'll have another look at my main rig setup again and see if I can improve anything,I'm using Orbitron+ wispdde for cat, I think I will try with the main Wisp program as I used before and have another look at the modem internal settings.Your website is excellent and so very informative,I find it very useful,many thanks again.
Best wishes