January 13, 2010

Three Messages to Hope-1 BBS in single Pass

I succeeded to upload a 3 messages to HO-68 (HOPE-1) satellite in one pass
.orbit  # 246 time was 18:36 – 18:55 date 2-jan-2010 at KK65GP. Messages
send to my friends

Mike DK3WN
Mineo JE9PEL
Alan Kung and the team behind the success of XW-1 satellite

A link for some photo

The upload is soooo smooth the packets frames squeezes itself between the FM
phone transmition  Thorough the whole pass there were many station in QSO's
But the satellite hold the packet (as someone hold it breath) and when ever the
channel is free it send down the frames J . . Thanks to Camsat for this
wonderful Bird.
Setup here ICOM 910 ,ARR preamp, homebrew X Yagi
Symek tnc3s ,,ARS drive Yaesu G5500,
Pc Dell 2G ram 2G
Software OP XP with SP3,Wisp (unregested yet!).Nova.WinARS.
I miss 9600 on AO-51 at uhf with 9600 BPS
73 Nader ST2NH

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