January 21, 2010

HO-68 FM/Packet Understanding

FM / Digital working principle is that whoever will relay signal to who
should transmit first. the transponder is not torn between the uplink

In other words, if the voice first, open the repeater and talk, this time
where the transmitting packet data is necessary to wait for voice
communication before end of the processing voice. By the same token, if
you are transmitting Packet data into voice link from time to time, the
satellite will continue to transmit the packet data to complete the data
frame, and then process voice request if the request is still active.

On the other hand, if there are a lot of very strong signals transmit to
the satellite at same time, the satellite receiver may be unable to decode
67Hz PL correctly, so voice will be unable to be replied in that case.

Alan Kung, BA1DU
HO-68(XW-1) Project Manager

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