January 28, 2010

Can the fantastic old software (PB.exe and PG.exe ) work with HO-68 BBS??

The PG file at Amsat download site not include PFHADD
But there is a full version of PFHADD at


Down load and unzip it to same directory of PG.EXE.

The easy way to add header to the upload file under window
by PFHADD as following :-

Write your message with notepad.
Save it
Right click your saved message.
Chose open with.
Go to choose program.
Go to browse.
Go to PFHADD on the same file where you have PG.exe.
A DOS window of PFHADD wll pop up .
PFHADD wll ask you many questions!!(you need to know that )
Now you have Pacsat upload file ready for sat.

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