February 21, 2010

2 more messages uploaded to HO-68 BBS

2 more messages uploaded to HO-68 BBS .

Hardware setup for 1.2k baud .
Rig Icom IC-910 ,PC Dell .

Tx at Main band VHF .with out Pl tone.
Rx at sub band UHF with activated AFC .
No cat for Doppler !
IC-910 AFC very helpful to track the downlink signal
The main disadvantage of AFC was the drift by desense from high output power
so my full out put power not more than 20 watts
I need to build a UHF desense filter.

Never Try to work FM satellite in IC-910 sat-mode .
IMHO IC-910 sat mode is perfect only for Xponder satellite.

This hardware only for Rx at sub and Tx at main
it wll not work in sat-mode.

This hardware can be modefied to work at 9k6 buad
by changing the pins at Rx sub band from 1k2
to pin 9k6.

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