February 15, 2010

Pacsat with out Hardware TNC

Yesss it's works
I've just worked HO-68 with Software
And YESSS No hardware TNC used !!

WISP AND MIXW did all the Action via virutal VSPE connector and soundcard

For more info check up this link

Thanks for Mr.Allan ZS1LS for information and software messages via HO-68 BBS

subject RE: [amsat-bb] Wisp Keying MixW direct via virtual connector
From :Allan ZS1LS
To :Nader st2nh
It is certainly possible as I used Wisp + MixW in KISS terminal emulation mode
+ Soundcard on HO-68 about 1 week ago. For the VSPE program I used the one you
found by eterlogic.73's
Allan ZS1LS

Thanks to Mr.Mineo Wakita - JE9PEL
For the new page to his wounderful WISP site.


And for Sure a big Thanks to my friends
Pete -WB2OQQ
Mike -Dk3WN
Alan -WA4SCA
for advice help and emails


Alain De Carolis said...

It would be extremely interesting to see if the same setup could be used on a completely portable setup (like an arrow or elk antenna) and using a half-duplex handy transceiver.

ST2NH said...

Hi Alian
tnx for comment

Unfourtunatly pacsat of ho-68 ,ao-51 and go-32 are full-duplex!

I had a trial of portable setup
with ISS .Its a half-duplex

Two small HTs can do half-duplex portable setup easy.
tu om 73

ST2NH said...

sry I mean :-
Two small HTs can do full-duplex portable setup easy