February 23, 2010

At last !! (HO-68 qso)

Hi Nader ,

At last !!! , finally got a qso with you with my balcony antenna
With you , now I have 48 countries with this setup , last ones are PS8RF , VA3FM and you !! , this antenna is doing a very nice job but also with my little "help" of many hours of patience and looking for a good passes for dx's.

Thanks a lot for your patience with me , many long time to a good pass , a good conditions....I'm in the shower when i'm thing "it's a good pass for ST if Nader comes to the sat ....." and "voila" , are you on the sat with your Cq,Cq.....My antenna are fixed to 40 degrees elevation but I heard you with only 8 degrees and you reply me at 12 degrees !! Well done !!!

So , my qsl is absolutly sure to EA7FTR , many thanks in advance and I hope to see you more times in the future , so again , many thanks for ur patience with me.

Best regards from Barcelona , 73

Juanjo / EA3LX

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Peter, OM3WUC