February 25, 2010

Indonesia’s Equatorial Orbit Twin Satellites

Wisnu Widjaja YBØAZ brings the latest news on the two new Indonesian Amateur Radio satellites, LAPAN-ORARI and LAPAN-A2 which are planned to launch in 2011

LAPAN-ORARI will carry a 5 watt output FM voice transponder with a 435.880 MHz uplink and 145.880 MHz downlink as well as an APRS Digipeater on 145.825 MHz. It will also carry a green light laser for attitude determination.

It is planned to be launched from India into a 650km orbit with low (8 degree) inclination as a secondary payload with "Megha-Tropique".

LAPAN-A2 will use S band (non amateur frequency) for video surveillance and the amateur frequency 437.425 MHz for telemetry.

Sourse SGRC

National Institute of Aeronautics and Space – LAPAN

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