February 28, 2010

Wisp keying Multipsk

Another go for Pacsat with software.

This time Wisp with Multipsk ver 4.16

Wisp Keying Multipsk via virtual connector port .
So far TX line was testing

Create a Connector virtual com using VSPE software
Wisp -->com 1
Multipsk serial port for kiss --> com 1
On Multipsk TX/RX screen choose-->Packet APRS
On Multipsk TX/R screen click kiss icon.
Run a pass!
Click fill.
MSPE will send a packet to Multipsk TX/RX screen
and through the soundcard.

Again I'm waiting for HO-68 for test.

for my previous experiments see

1- MixW ,Wisp and HO-68 (packsat with software).


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